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In this book Antonio Marazza, general manager of Landor Milan, and Stefania Saviolo, professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management investigate the reasons why some brands are adopted by people not for what they do, or stand for but for the inspiration they provide. Drawing on both reliable, cutting edge research and empirical observation, this book offers a practical guide for successfully manage Authority, Cult, Icon and Lifestyle brands within industries where the symbolic value creation is key: fashion, luxury, design, premium food, and other.

LIFESTYLE BRANDS – A Guide to Aspirational Marketing is published by Palgrave  Macmillan (2012). The Italian version is published in Italy by Rizzoli (2012).


This blog proposes a consideration on symbol-intensive brands and, in detail, lifestyle brands.

Despite symbol-intensive brands belong to different industries and competitive environments, they share the common aspect to offer customers symbols and insights rather than simple products or services. These brands take a part in our life, enliven urban environments, turn their creators into legendary personalities, make the product iconic, nurture legends and memorable stories.

Our aim is to talk over them in this blog, extensively analyzing their lifecycle: origin, growth and related key facts, product strategies, communication and distibution patterns, impact on people’s life.