On March 5th the book “Lifestyle Brand”, by Antonio Marazza and Stefania Saviolo, has been presented during a round table in SDA Bocconi, Milan, attended by the two authors, Andrea Illy, President of Illycaffè, and Alegra O’Hare, Brand Director of Reebok-Adidas Group. Almost ninety attendees listened to Stefania Saviolo’s speech  based on the book’s scientific premises and the presentation  of the symbol-intensive brand map; this map is a tool that, for the first time, classifies all symbol-intensive brands (as Icon, Authority, Cult, Lifestyle etc.) using a shared methodology.

Antonio Marazza explained how Lifestyle brands act according to the new model of interpretation described in the book, an useful tool for the growth and success of symbol-intensive brands.

Alegra O’Hare illustrated how she built the success of Adidas Originals through courage, speed and enterprise spirit. She went through the contexts lying behind the brand and its historical products, explaining the birth of a strong and distinctive Manifesto and the creation of a coherent brand Experience. These actions were supported by a selective distribution policy, the use of unconventional communication means based on public interaction and, its iconic and unmatchable products.

Andrea Illy concluded clearly describing his Company’s challenge: passing from Authority brand to Cult brand. Illy explained how much knowledge and excellent expertise are needed to keep an Authority role in that particular sector. He continued illustrating the objective of giving the brand a real ‘call to action’ Live HAPPilly, based on the use of pleasure non only in tasting but also intellectually speaking. A philosophy that makes business strategy and brand strategy as one.